The Boys Comes To Humble Bundle!

We are fans of The Boys, we’ve covered them at San Diego Comic Con, and even Conner made one of his Critique’s of the first season

Now that the new season is here, Amazon is taking a strange twist with releasing the episodes slower this time around. If you need more of “The Boys” in your life while waiting for the next episode, then you should probably dive into the comic books to fill your needs.

Humble Bundle is bringing a “The Boys” bundle for the original comic books Here!

As little as $1 will net you:

The Boys Vol. 1-2, The Black Terror Vol. 1, and Project Superpowers Vol. 1 & X-Mas Carol.

If you pay $8 you’ll get those books and these:

The Boys Vol. 3-7, The Boys: Dear Becky #1, Project Superpowers Vol. 2, The Black Terror Vol. 2, and The Owl.

But if you pay the full price of $15, you will get all the prior, and these:

The Boys Vol. 8-12, The Boys: Dear Becky #2, Project Superpowers Chapter 2 Vol.1-2, The Black Terror Vol. 3, Meet the Bad Guys, Masquerade, and The Death-Defying Devil.

If you get the full package for $15, you will be getting $265 dollars worth of comic books!

Additionally, your purchase of the bundle goes to support the WDC, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation fights to protect whales and dolphins through campaigning, lobbying, and advising governments about conservation projects, field research and rescue efforts. They do so with the hope that one day the world will be safe and free for whales and dolphins.

Hurry up and get your comic books soon though, because this bundle expires on September 28, 2020!

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