T-Mobile Brings Internet To The Heartland

We’ve been thinking a lot about internet companies and the forced acceptance of them in specific areas. That’s why when we heard that T-Mobile was giving people access to internet in areas of the USA that don’t traditionally receive home broadband, we were very interested.

For to long, companies have just told customers to accept their services, whether it’s limited, or because there were no alternatives. Paying for 100 mbps but only getting 40 mbps? Not our problem, it’s your neighborhood limiting your access by bottlenecking bandwidth. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

People in places like Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma would kill though for even 40 mbps! Over 1 million homes, and much more people, have to use slow speed internet options. Now thanks to T-Mobile‘s massive 5G network, they hope to bring high speed Home Internet to nearly 5 million more homes in those regions!

Are they going to charge them an arm and a leg? No! T-Mobile Home Internet will only cost $50 a month when the users set up AutoPay, and if they are already members of their Magenta MAX phone plan, the internet will only cost $30 per month.

More importantly there is no hidden fees, no annual contracts, no data caps and it’s easy to install.

Find out more, or sign up for the service Here!

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