See What You Missed At San Diego Comic Con In 2021

We couldn’t miss out on any form of San Diego Comic Con, so we had to attend the Special Edition, but was it something to behold, or was it a bust? It’s hard to say if it would live up to your expectations, but it’s only fair to say that the con was a lot lighter, and felt like we traveled back in time 20 years.

There was still plenty to do, and a great ability to connect with convention family that you haven’t seen in a couple of years. You couldn’t walk through an aisle without hearing at least one person talking about how much they needed this, or how much they’ve missed conventions. While San Diego proper was a lot to take in, with a lot of the neighboring businesses not enforcing or wearing masks, the convention themselves worked hard to make sure the event was as safe as it could be.

The con wants us to return in July, so they aren’t going to play fast and lose with our health. There were still lots of gaming, panels, and vendors to shop from throughout the convention. The outdoor experiences that litter the Gaslamp district was gone. Only two pop-up activations were present, but still, it was enough to make you regret that it wasn’t a full convention, instead of filling the need for experiences.

Enough with my thoughts though, check out our video below for more.

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