RepliCade New Wave Toys Is At It Again With A 1/6 Scale Space Ace Arcade Cabinet

Created by Don Bluth and published by Cinematronics Digital Leisure, Space Ace was very similar to Dragon’s Lair. It forced the player to move their character through the game space and avoid hazards of the game. Available with three different difficulties, this game only allowed players on the hardest skill setting to see all the scenes of the game. Produced in 1983, the game came in two different formats, a stand-alone cabinet, or a conversion kit that allowed users to switch out their existing Dragon’s Lair cabinet to Space Ace. Now you can add this amazing game, in mini form, to your collection with Replicade’s new faithful recreation in their newest pre-order at New Wave Toys. Like their other models, this version is 1/6 scale cabinets, standing at 12 inches tall, and fully functional.

They are releasing not one version though, but two cabinets, the Standard Edition, and the Conversion Kit Edition that is modeled after the conversions of the Dragon’s Liar cabinets to Space Ace cabinets. Pretend to have a cabinet that was once a game, and then changed to another!

The cabinets is available for pre-order here for the Standard Edition and here for the Conversion Kit Edition! The Standard Edition and the “Conversion Kit” edition costs the same price of $149.99 for the pre-order, but if you miss the pre-order it’s price will be $169.99. Pre-orders are limited though, so hurry and order yours today!

The cabinet is expected to ship in Q1 of 2023. So, once again, there is a bit of a wait but it will still make a great addition to your gamer cave!

If you’d rather have a Dragon’s Lair cabinet than a converted one, you can always pre-order the Dragon’s Lair cabinet Here! Due to its success in 2021, they decided to do another run of the RepliCade!

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