Jeremiah Stops By New York’s Stranger Things Experience

The Stranger Things experience taking place at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn NY. The experience is co-produced by Netflix and Fever and puts you in the role of a citizen of Hawkins taking part in a “sleep study”.

When checking in to the study you are assigned to group A or B and given a wristband putting you into one of three subgroups; Red, Blue, or Yellow. After an introduction from one of the Doctors and PR directors you are taken in to be tested. Each group is given time to complete a puzzle to find out who among them has the most potential and is dubbed the group leader. After each group displays their abilities the test is moved on to another area, where a stress test is said to be next.

With the help and instructions of what to do to escape given from some kids hiding in the vents your group works together combining your powers to escape the room and move onto one of the control rooms to help the kids. While locked in the control room something goes wrong and demodogs attack, with help and instruction your group escapes to the upside down where you run into a girl named Max who is lost and trapped. Her friend El shows up to help fight off more demodogs and demogorgans. Combining all your powers you help El defeat the inhabitants of the upside down and close the portal brings you all back into the real world.

Afterwards you enter the Mixtape, a retail and food and beverage space featuring iconic places from the show. Here you can play classic video games, check out the local movie store rentals, grab some ice cream or enjoy a drink at the Upside bar.

Overall the experience is fun, the actors do a great job of staying in character and immersing you in the experience whenever they are there. There are even a few hanging out in the Mixtape area, so be sure to talk with them and maybe find out about something extra to do. This is definitely an experience to bring a group to, it will be more fun and immersive with more people you know. This is also something that long time fans and casual fans can enjoy as well, the newer or casual fan may be a little lost on some references but overall this is for anyone.

Purchase your tickets for this event Here, but hurry they are selling out, and are only available for a limited time!

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