Want To Brush Your Teeth Right? Do It With The IO Series 10!

During MWC in Barcelona, we connected with Oral-B to talk to them about their new products coming out soon and the one that we were the most interested in was their new Oral-B iO Series 10 with iO Sense.

This Brush, also talked about at CES features their latest in iO brushing technology.

Included with the brush is their countertop coach built into the charging dock. This handy tool will help indicate via a 6 zone light ring that you are not only getting the most professional and appropriate cleaning but help coach your brushing to perfection! Don’t brush too hard and get a red result, brush your way to a green ring to know you are taking the right steps.

The round brush head also helps ensure a clean mouth with a combination of micro-vibrating and oscillation designed to get the most out of the brush’s bristles.

The brush’s video screen in the handle will help you choose the right brush settings for your needs with 7 options which include Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Whiten.

So what are you waiting for? Get the right and personalized clean for your teeth from a toothbrush you can trust.

Add yourself to the toothbrush’s waiting list Here!

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