Rochelle Visit’s The Monet Immersive Experience

In case you missed it the first time around, the Monet Immersive is back in Montebello. Experience Monet like never before in this immersive and interactive space, where your senses will delight in this Impressionist work.

Claude Monet, the founding father of Impressionism, is so revered for his many contributions to the modern art world. He was the man who painted the famous Water Lilies, Woman with a Parasol, and Haystacks among others.

Much like their counterpart, the Klimt Immersive experience, this exhibition has 5 different rooms. The first is reminiscent of art exhibits we grew up with, a quiet space where you silently read about the art and historical/biographical facts about the painter. Step into his airy workshop in Atelier at Giverny, the second room, where reproductions of his artworks don the wall. Rest upon his couch, observe his desk, it’s a moment captured in time. Each room takes you deeper and deeper into the immersion, as if into the mind of the master himself. The third room was likely my favorite. Step into an ethereal space that captures his Water Lilies. Digital projections of koi fish surround you as you walk over bridges on a seemingly moonlit night. In the distance you may hear the sound of a train, likely the ones he would hear at the Saint-Lazare Station. This room captured my heart with its romantic dreaminess of days long gone.

The fourth room is the room we think about most at these experiences – floor to ceiling, 360 degree digital projections showcasing his most brilliant work with animation, music from Belgian composer Michelino Bisceglia, and a comfortable seat for you to enjoy the show. Much like the Klimt experience, this one was also meditative and calming, a nice way to essentially end the evening.

The last room is what I call the “hands-on” experience, where little ones can color some black and white drawings of Monet’s, and scan them in to the computer to view them on the big screen. It’s also where you can do the VR experience if you so choose. Take a journey through about 8 of his paintings as if seeing the world through his eyes at the time. While this room is very much formulaic with the other rooms at this space, Klimt and Dinos Alive, I liked the familiarity and knew exactly what to expect here.

The whole event lasts roughly an hour, at your leisure. Finish up in the small museum shop, where we took home a poster of one of his works.

Overall, this is truly a special and unique way to experience art, to see work resized to a scale you can easily see each brush stroke. I love this new way to appreciate the old masters, and am excited to see what other artists are next to be featured.

The event runs through at least June, and is open on Weekdays from 10:00am through 7:30pm and on Weekends and holidays from 10:00am through 9:00pm.

Tickets available on Fever Up Here or on their own site Here. Tickets start at $22.90 for children and $44.90 for adults. Children under three are free, and anyone over 12 requires proof of vaccine.

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