LG Gives Customers Free Monitor With LG Gram Laptop

For a limited time, until July 4, 2022, customers of LG who purchase the select 2022 LG gram laptops will receive a free LG +view portable monitor!

How do you get this monitor which is valued at $349? You have to head to LG.com before July 4, 2022, and purchase one of their select 2022 LG gram laptops.

First, lets talk about the LG Gram laptops…

The new LG gram laptop is all about power and a thinner and lightweight design. Each model features the new 12th Gen Intel Core processors as well as the latest Gen4 NVMe SSD, and low-voltage LPDDR5 RAM.

Thanks to all of these features the LG grams deliver excellent battery life for a more portable future.

The 2022 LG gram lineup includes the gram 17 (17Z90Q), gram 16 (16Z90Q), gram 15 (15Z90Q), gram 14 (14Z90Q), and gram 2-in-1 (16T90Q and 14T90Q)

Now, the bonus, the LG +view!

This 16-inch portable monitor comes with a detachable cover and connects via USB-C. Place the monitor in concert with your laptop either horizontally or vertically. You can always use more monitors!

If you have no need for a new laptop, but love this monitor, you can pick it up Here (16MQ70).

As a bonus, LG is also offering free expedited shipping on all 2022 LG gram models purchased at LG.com before July 4, 2022.

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