We Connect With Chris DeMoulin After Los Angeles Comic Con

We were impressed by the success of Los Angeles Comic Con earlier this month. If you missed out you can always check out our video over the event Here, or if you just like facts, then check out our post-con review Here.

After looking at the numbers and having experienced the fun and engaging event, we have only one question, how has the success of the convention affected future planned conventions, and what can we expect in the future.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: Hey Chris, what a convention!

    Chris DeMoulin: Thanks!

Eric: When we attended, we were so impressed by the COVID testing tents at the entrance to West Hall. The lines weren’t long and we got through the COVID and security check incredibly fast.

    Chris: Glad to hear it, we designed the entrances for high capacity and minimal wait times.

Eric: We specifically wanted to talk about the COVID protocols. A lot of people seemed to be confused before the convention by people on social media, do you think that caused a problem with regards to attendance?

    Chris: It’s hard to say, but given that our attendance for people aged 12+ was down only -8%, while many events have been down -35%+, we feel like our attendance was pretty strong. Kids aged 2-11 declined strongly, which makes sense given that they (by and large) haven’t had the same opportunity to be fully vaccinated.

Eric: The convention had so many amazing appearances for the Main Stage, our favorite had to be the amazingly fun Spongebob Squarepants panel. Did you have a favorite panel?

    Chris: Tom Kenny (SpongeBob) is always a personal favorite, but The Mandalorian panel featuring Ming-Na Wen and Giancarlo Esposito and Frank Miller’s panel were also favorites of mine this year. Plus the whole West Hall Tiltify Arena stage – it was just so fun to see a full gaming stage added to the show!

Eric: I know next year you are returning for Los Angeles Comic Con and the July convention AVOX, have there been any lessons from this convention that will inform decisions for the conventions next year?

    Chris: Absolutely! Digital streaming through the Comic Con Metaverse by Vatom and our online store will be expanded. The focus on anime and gaming, with our programming partnership with PCB Productions and voice over actors designing the show format at AVOX, will find their way back to Comic Con in the West Hall as well. It was so great to see all the fans and exhibitors, we’ll continue to use the entire convention center for future Cons.

Eric: I know we talked about virtual mini-cons, and their success, but is it likely we’ll get one before July?

    Chris: Probably not. We learned a lot from the first one and much of that digital learning went into LA Comic Con 2021. We will be providing hybrid live/digital experiences during and after future shows and expanding the fan content experiences inside the Comic Con Metaverse.

Eric: Thanks for your time again Chris!

    Chris: Always a pleasure!

If you are looking forward to next year’s convention, then make sure to stop by Los Angeles Comic Con website to see when it will return, and check out AVOX which is starting in July 2022!

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