Forsooth: The Spiders Are Coming! – Season 1, Episode 10

Forsooth: The Spiders Are Coming! (Season 1, Episode 10)
30 Minutes of Pop Culture, Science, and World News!

The tenth and not so final podcast by Seuthes, for Seuthes, with Seuthes.

We pack so much Pop Culture and news into one podcast that you’ll think you’ve been listening for hours, but in a good way? Check out Eric and Monica blowing through so many celebrities… phrasing.

By: Monica Joy Seuthe & Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Brought To You By Five Fire Monkeys Entertainment & Pop Culture University

Rated: R (Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Bad Manners)

Featuring: One Year Anniversary, Black Widows, Spider Love, Chocolat The Spider, Spider On Spider Violence, No Body No Crime, Spider Who Loves Human Blood, Bed Spiders, Mosquito Hunter Spider, Super Spider Eyes, Human Blood Sex Perfume, Peacock Spider Mating Dance, Peacock Spiders Are Cute, Jar Of Human Blood, California Is On Fire, Big Bear On Fire, Fire And Snow Seasons in Big Bear, Suicidal Plants, Cigarettes Are Arson, Hard Working Fire Fighters, Big Bear Lake Has Sand?, Glass 3D Printer, 3D Pizza Printer, Spat Cheese, Easy Cheese Pizza, Ren Fair Glass Blowing Is So Much Cooler Then 3D Glass Printer, Organ 3D Printing Organs and Hands For Halloween, Extra Hand Of Cards, Tabletop Games, Unable To Bite The Bloody Hand That Feeds Them, Pun Banishment, Punishment, Geek & Sundry, Wil Wheaton, The Following Is Creapy, New Season Of Tabletop, Rough The Card Game, San Diego Comic Con, Why Not Rough, Cards Against Humanity, Will Wheaton Comes Out Ahead, Jon Stewart Is A Nerd Of A Different Color, WWE SummerSmash, Wrestling Is Fake, StarDust Wrestler Steals From Arrow, Stephen Amell Came On SummerSmash, Amell Wins WWE!, You Win Wrestling By Putting Your Dick In The Opponent’s Mouth, Jackson Nipple, Early 2000s, Google, Project Sunroof, Solar Panel Rebates, Google Doesn’t Like Los Angeles, California Has To Much Sun, Google Loves Topeka, Name A Kid Google, Pre-School Isn’t School, Community College Is A Sudo-College, Big Boy Pants, One Direction Splitting, One Direction Fans Should Move On, Cougar Sex Offenders, Young Bands Do Drugs And Die, English Comedians, Floyd Mayweather, People Hate Mayweather More For Hugging Manny More Then Abuse, Punch To Face Get Out Of Marriage Card, 4.8 Mil On A Car, Waste Of Money, Super Fast Cars Have No Point, Mayweather Has A Tiny Dick, Gorking, Batffleck, Kevin Smith Caused Affleck Split, Christine Ouzonian Offered Porn Role, Axel Braun, Porn Parodies, Affleck Nanny Offered 1 Mil To Act In Batman vs. Superman XXX, Batwoman Is Gay.

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