Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Maxx With Our Breakdown!

My first interaction with the story of The Maxx was sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch the MTV animated series way past my bedtime. This dark and constantly graphic story was a lot for my little mind to handle at times, and as such was incredibly sensational! The art style, aspects of mental illness, and complex stories stuck in my mind.

The first appearance of The Maxx was in the anthology book Darker Image #1, published by Image Comics in 1993. Later in March the character received his own original comic book series created by Sam Kieth, and was published with Image Comics until 1998. The run lasted only 35 issues. The books were then collected into a trade paperback once Wildstorm folded back into DC Comics.

The Maxx is what appears to be a purple-skinned hero of odd shape and strength.

The comic spawned the 13-episode animated series that was broadcasted on MTV in 1995 as I mentioned earlier in this article. But I am not here to talk about the animated series, I am here to talk about comic books! See what books we suggest.

Darker Image #1 (1993)
In the mind of “The Maxx” he is running through the fictional world of the Outback. During his attempt to flee from Ret’qark’n of the God Clan, he stubbles into the trap of the Jungle Queen. In reality the Jungle Queen is The Maxx’s social worker, Julie Winters who had to sedate him due to his mental instability. This first interlude into the series raises the question, who is the Maxx.
The Maxx #1 (1993)
In the real world The Maxx finds himself in an alleyway and saving a woman from the likes of Teego and Fridge. For his nobility, he finds himself a jail cell as a prize. Julie Winters a social worker attempts to help The Maxx for his actions, to get him out of jail. The Maxx does not see Winters is a leopard queen in his fictional escapism mind of “The Outback.” As the Maxx continues through the story, his ability to tell fantasy from reality. However he encounters a man named Mr. Gone, who knows him from the mixed reality. Is the Outback real, and what does it all mean.
Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams (2021)
A new doctor and new patient in Arkham Asylum allows for an unconventional experiment, but a simple journey into a psyche starts off a disaster. Gotham is merging with the Outback. The world of the Outback is not as it was though, as the darkest minds of Gotham including Harley Quinn, Penguin, Killer Croc, and The Joker begin to take a dark landscape and make it a nightmare. The Dark Knight can only survive and set things right with a veteran of the terrain, The MAXX!

Keep in mind that the Maxx is not a light topic, there are subjects within it that are heavy, but if you don’t mind dicey topics, then you will like this comic book series!

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