Hello and welcome to Conner’s Critiques. My name is Conner Sharp and I’m very excited to do my first review for this website and share it all with you. My reviews/critiques will be based on three categories: Story, Acting, and Overall. So lets begin.

Now as we all know, you’re here reading this because just like me, there is a nerdy interest in these comic book shows. Watching Luke Cage you most likely watched Dare Devil or Jessica Jones. If not, there are SPOILERS so please be advised.

STORY: 9/10
I will admit that compared to other shows, LC does start out a bit slow. However I think the first episode was great because it really established how Luke and every other main character lives his or her life daily. It shows the antagonists right off the bat but introducing them really well. The conversations that happen between Luke and Misty Knight shows each of them in their own world and how they deal with situations. Meanwhile we get introduced to cottonmouth while he is speaking to Mariah Dillard, two of the main antagonists of the show. Every episode leads to the next one and your going to binge watch do to the fact that you want to see what happens next.

ACTING: 9/10
What can I say? Marvel has done it again! The casting is on point just like every other time!

I have talked to some people that say they don’t like the actor for Luke because he is too monotone and “stiff” in his portrayal. However, I believe this is a great style for a character such as Luke Cage, especially in the Netflix-Marvel world we have now. He was great in Jessica Jones, and I think he is great in his own show.

Cottonmouth I believe was also casted well. If you see the history of Mahershala Ali in House of Cards, The Hunger Games, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, he is the quiet type that never panics. Even though he does end up getting killed by his own “cousin”, he did an amazing job for a little more than half the season he was in it.

I think overall the show was excellent and kept moving really well. To me there were no dull parts and it was great seeing real life scenarios play out that can relate to many of us on some level. I think in season 2, we will see a lot more action from Luke physically as he seemed to try to hide most of the time in this season. I have very high hopes. I’m happy with the way they modernized the characters from the comic books and I believe fans will be very happy with this show.

Conner’s Final Thought(s):
If you haven’t seen the show yet and read this, open a new tab to Netflix, put on Luke Cage, and enjoy my friends! Cheers! Coming up shortly will be a Dr. Strange review!

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