Pierce Brosnan Leads History Channel New Heist Series

When it comes to art heists, one face comes to my mind. It’s Pierce Brosnan, and specifically due to his performance in the outstanding film The Thomas Crown Affair.

Now with the History Channel greenlighting a new nonfiction series titled “History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan” so clearly they agree with me.

These eight one-hour episodes will each go inside elaborate real-life heists throughout history. The series will even take a look at the events of the 1899 Wilcox train robbery and the 1950 Boston’s Great Brink robbery.

Pierce Brosnan will host the series as the show delves into the facts behind each heist, how they were executed, the team behind them, the target, the thief’s plans, the fallout, and the way their legacies live on today.

To aide in the endeavor, the show will use recreations and visual special effects to retell the stories and behind the historic heists.

We will let you know when a planned airing date is announced.

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