Track And Correct Your Sleep Soon With The Asleep App!

Sleep is important. We always try to find a way to keep track of it in the hopes of getting more. Now Asleep, a South Korean company, is creating a new way to track, analyzing, and provide coaching through the day to give you your best sleep at night.

What makes the tech very impressive, is it’s contactless! A lot of times when it comes to ear-based tracking, wrist-based tracking, or movement-based tracking is your sleep patterns can affect how the system picks up your habits, and in turn, can cause issues.

Asleep uses RF-Based tracking, and Sound-Based tracking to give accurate reads without the interference of the setting, or a device causing issues on the tracking system.

These two systems track your movements, your heart rate, and how you are breathing. It then uses AI software to track your sleep and predict and analyze your sleep issues and quality.

Once it has its data, the app can then find solutions to help curb some of your problems, allowing you to get better sleep. Isn’t that something we all need? Better sleep?

Asleep‘s RF-Based tracker will likely be priced at $75 or less and is around 88% more accurate then wearable technology.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for Asleep, as it will launch in Q1 of 2022 in the App Store and Google Play!

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