A Sit Down With The Creators Of Rick & Morty – San Diego Comic Con

Hey everyone, this is Clideen Karami from Nerd News Social. I’m very exited to
announce that I had the pleasure of interviewing the cast and creators of Rick and
Morty. I got to interview Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, Sarah Chalke, and
Spencer Grammer. Got a few photos as well! Enjoy!

Ryan Ridley      – Lets dive in. What do you want to know?
Q.                          My first question is, what’s in the flask?
RR                       – Well this is Tito’s Vodka in this flask.
Justin Roiland – Oh, awesome. Tito’s great.
RR                       – But I have not had a sip of it.
JR                        – Oh, what do you want a ****ing medal of honor?
RR                       – Absolutely.
JR                        – For what? You’re at Comic-Con dude! Who cares? Drink up!
RR                       – It’s called high-reading.
JR                        – I want you to take your first sip right now. Come on, lets do it.
RR                       – Get ready guys.
JR                        – The real Ridley is coming out.
RR                       – I hate working on this show! IT’S STUPID!
Dan Harmon   – It’s truth serum!
JR                        – Tito’s… Truth serum vodka.
Q.                          Is there any possibility of Mr. Meeseeks coming back in future seasons?
DH                      – Not this one. But..
JR                        – Yeah there is definitely a possibility. Dan has said, we would like to consider the Meeseeks box akin to the sonic screwdriver. It’s likely to see it resurface in a weird action set piece. However if we are in the room and there is some amazing idea that incorporates the Meeseeks in some way that we are all excited about that isn’t just to do it. Then that’s also a possibility. But you never know until the idea sparks.
RR                        – I keep saying, where do they come from?
JR                         – That’s the one I’m terrified.
DH                       – Go to Meeseekia, and you are bound to serve.
JR                         – I’m terrified about that.
RR                        – You got to break some eggs to make an omelet.
DH                       – So you are saying make a bad episode?
RR                        – No I’m saying make a bad pitch. My other pitch, red Meeseeks.
JR                         – But I don’t want to go to red Meeseekia.
RR                        – Why does no one ask when are you bringing back Gearhead. That’s the one we keep bringing back, and no one cares for him.
DH                      – He comes back in season three.
Q.                          There is a theory going around, that when Gerry is picked up, he is swapped.
DH                      – At the Gerryborie. It’s not a theory. It’s just that they are so interchangeable. The theory is just as right. It wouldn’t change anything though. Gerrys are just so insignificant. Technically in season 8 or 9, that the switched Gerry was very important, and that’s why everything changes.
Q.                          Szechuan sauce, how did that happen?
JR                        – It’s a real thing. I’ve been talking about how delicious sauce for a long time. Definitely in the writing room. It happens a handful… well a lot. Stories from writers that are true and the script needs something. So the real thing would be perfect. We needed a mislead before Rick takes the agent to his actual memory. So we said why not do the whole Szechuan sauce bit. I honestly believe that that sauce was the best, most delicious sauce ever created. McDonalds is sending me a half gallon of it. I will get to see if it was as good as I remember.
DH                      – It’s just sweat and sour!
RR                       – Did they go into the archives and pull out an original 20 year old batch or…
JR                        – No they went into the archives and got the recepie and made me a fresh batch.
Q.                          I do hope that they will make more and give them out randomly to the fans.
JR                        – I was hoping they could do something limited at Comic-Con, but they didn’t.
In season 3, you talk about Ricks memories, are you ever going to go into Rick’s wife, Beth’s mom?
It’s a big thing, a big chunk. If the whole show is a circle, it would be a big slice of the pizza. We don’t try to think of it too much.
RR                       – You do get a piece of Beth’s childhood this year.
JR                        – It’s a road to learning more about the mom, but we are terrified about it, because if we have an amazing story to tell we will tell it, but we aren’t going to force it into the show.

If you want to listen to the whole unedited copy of the interview, please listen below. I warn you, there is a lot of swearing.



Make sure to tune in on Sunday, July 30th @ 11:30 P.M. on Adult Swim!

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