The Wheel of Time Comes To Times Square

What better a place to celebrate the new series, The Wheel of Time, then at New York City’s Times Square. We see what you did there Amazon!

Times Square will be taken over as the billboards will be taken over and Moraine, played by Rosamund Pike, will do battle with the Fade with the help of Aes Sedai warriors on horseback. Be warned though as billboard can’t withstand the might of this battle, and it might spill out onto the streets of New York City!

Not in New York, or Times Square specifically, tonight? Do not worry, fans of the series can still enjoy the amazing experience as it is livestreamed into your home and devices via Twitch HERE!

For those physically in Times Square, you can stop into Amazon’s Bookstore on 34th street and experience the installation dedicated to The Wheel of Time and attempt to wield the One Power in an amazing photo-op that is perfect for the Gram!

Don’t want to miss out? Then set an alarm for tonight at 6:50 p.m. EST!

Also check out The Wheel of Time on Amazon Here!

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