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Hey everyone, welcome back to another special guest… actually a few special guests that we had a chance to interview: The Impractical Jokers. At Petco Park, San Diego, the jokers were hosting an all day park with food and games. Before the park opened up to the public, we had a chance to ask some questions and hear about their lives and career.

Getting Together and Making Up Punishments and Bits
Jokers mentioned that most of the time one person would leave to the restroom and the other three will have an idea and just not tell the person who left and came back. At the beginning of each season they get together and think about what would be terrible to do for the upcoming episodes, and some jokes usually develop for one person.

Jokers Movie Coming Soon
Movie comes out next year in 2019. About 80 percent of it is hidden camera and the other 20 percent follows a story line. Murr mentions that in the movie, the most embarrassing moment in his life happened, more than anything that happened on the eight seasons of the show. The jokers had to work with a new crew, and they were afraid that they would not be able to keep secrets or things hidden from the cast to ruin the bit, but the new crew did a good job at not spoiling any secrets to any of the cast. It was also noted that movie/film cameras are a lot bigger than the ones hidden in the show. The crew however came up with great ideas of how to hide the cameras. One day when, shooting on the street, the Jokers tried looking for the cameras and couldn’t figure out where they were.

Relationship Together Over the Years
When stated that they have worked together for eight years, the Jokers revealed they have been together doing bits for over 26 years. It was admitted that they all have hade major blowouts over the years, but they have come and gone while staying best friends. Sometimes they would not have a break from one another for months, so it’s no surprise they have their moments. The biggest blow out was when Q tried calming Murr down about Sal, and Q got heated and punched a couch. In the process he broke his hand. This all took place on the movie set. In the end, they get along better than most people do over the years. Its what friends do, and they love each other and are truly best friends and would die for one another.

Being Recognized During Filming
Of course this was brought up because of public filming. Joe stated that the problem isn’t when they’re already talking to a fan, and they wont do a bit if they know people will recognize them. The problem is, when they’re in the middle of a bit and people will approach them and ruin something great. Now the jokers have a crew that have headsets, and when a fan tried to approach them, they will kindly remove them from ruining the bit so the Jokers can do their show with no worry.

Having Bad Reactions From The Public
It was also brought up about the public reacting negatively to the Jokers and what will happen. Murr said that it is very rare for people to get angry or have a bad reaction. Overall, they are embarrassing themselves more than others, and the jokes on them. However, there have been a few bad ideas, like in season one when the Jokers thought it would be funny to go to a children’s park and baby talk the children and their parents. However, when there are four grown men that have no kids of their own around a playground full of children, the cops get called.

Traveling Episodes
One day, the Jokers hope to do an Australia episode. It is difficult to do an international episode because none of the Jokers speak another language, so they are limited to where they can go. There was one episode where they went to the UK, and the people were very smart over there. People in New York city are so distracted that they can talk around people and get away with bits, but UK people were able to call them out.
The Jokers have done some National episodes including Hawaii, Miami, New Orleans, and Texas. California is a popular request, but it would be difficult to shoot in because of all the laws, and the cost to film there. California is a two-person consent state, meaning both parties would need to know they are being filmed for it to be legal. But the Jokers hope to travel for more episodes.

Favorite Episode Or Prank
Joe as the wrecking ball was said to be one of the most memorable and fun bits they did. It’s become difficult to remember all the pranks, but some main ones stand out. The funniest and simplest one that sticks out, was where people were doing focus group in a building and you would collect $20 from the receptions while exiting. The jokers would go around the back and keep changing into a crazy outfit and exit again trying to collect $20 until the receptionist finally caught them. At this point Q pointed out the best parts of the show right now is pushing each other until they come up with something different that redefines and changes the show to keep it fun for themselves and the viewers. This is especially important since the Jokers have been coming up on their 200th episode.

Making The Final Cut
Jokers are involved with the editing process to make sure everything turns out good. Of course, if someone doesn’t give them a good reaction, then it wont make it at the end. Throughout the years, the jokers have worked with a great post production crew an they trust each other on what to put in the final cut. It has also become more natural and easy to get a good reaction out of people. At first, it took about each person going about four times to get something, and not it will take once or twice.

There you have it guys, some great insight on the Jokers and about their show. It was great meeting them. Don’t forget to catch their upcoming movie that will be released some time in 2019. Also don’t forget to catch the Impractical Jokers Comedy Tour: The Tenderloins to get tour and ticket info. Lastly, get some insight with Murr’s book Awakened: A Novel.

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