Westside Food, Wine & Spirits Festival Goes Virtual

We are a big fan of the Westside Food, Wine & Spirits festival, and the fact that it benefits the Westside Food Bank (an organization that needs a lot of help right now with what’s going on in the world). You can see our prior video coverage of the event Here.

With the pandemic sweeping through the USA, we had hope about later this year when the event announced that they were postponing the 6th year of the event in July, till October. However, as the event is not safe at this time, the event is turning into the “VirtuWestside Food, Wine & Spirits festival.”

This virtual event is still benefiting the Westside Food Bank, will feature music, entertainment, and giveaways, but it would be hard for the alcohol and food to get to you through the virtual event hosted on Zoom.

They are currently working on a way to get food and wine sent to holders, or available to them through the event. When they decide, or figure out how they will have that food and wine delivered during this virtual event, we will update this page.

While they understand, for the people who purchased tickets, this was not what they were looking for specifically, they still want to product something for them, and will transfer existing tickets for the event to a future festival.

If you are looking for more information on this event, you can find it Here, and if tickets come available again, they will be found Here

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