Video Games for the Week of January 29th, 2019

PS4 & Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts is back with the third of their stories. As always, the Kingdom Hearts stories tell about friendship, hope conquering darkness. Sora is again joined by her regular cast of allies, but now gets to engage in even more Disney properties.

Truck Driver
This is a game where you drive a truck. Yeah. You drive a truck hauling goods and dropping loads. Make money in the game, buy better trucks and parts… So you can haul more stuff.

Genesis Alpha One
The world is destroyed by war, corruption and capitalizim, so mankind escapes to space. You captain a starship and try to find a new home for your people. Genesis Alpha One brings base building, shooter, and survival all into one intersteller forray.

PS4 & Switch

RICO (Release Date is Pushed Back to March)
Take down organized crime, in RICO. Test your skills against others, and unlock better weapons to hold out better againts random attacks.


Deemo: The Last Recital
Is the world ready for another rhythm game? If your answer is yes, then Deemo is for you. As Deemo, play musical piano scores to help your friend Alice get back to her world.

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