Video Games for the Week of January 22nd, 2019

PS4 & Switch

Song of Memories
Do you like visual novel games? Song of Memories will be a valid option for you if you do. In this mature rated game your character searches for their soul mate… while an apocalyptic virus sweeps across the land…. Wait? What the…

PS4 & Xbox One

The Council
The Council is a game that takes place in 1790s in France. You are Louis de Richet invited by Lord Mortimer to his island, and other members of the Golden Order, a cast of Napoleon Bonaparte, and George Washington. Louis’s mother is missing and everyone has a hidden reason for being there. Can you solve the mysteries and make your way through the the Council?

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 returnsm remastered and ready for playing. They didn’t just reskin it, they completely rebuilt the game using the RE engine. The game boasts a new feel, and a new control and camera mode to really give you the modern Resident Evil feel, with that past gold story!

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