Video Game Review: oOo: Ascension

oOo: Ascension is a maze-runner game in the style of a classic arcade game, using HD graphics.

This game focuses on world after world of mazes and obstacles. There’s no story involved in this one.

The developers took the world of classic arcade games and gave it new life with this HD, 3D art. The visuals are pleasant, the motion is smooth, and the design reminds me a bit of Tron.

The soundtrack is repetitive but not to an obnoxious point. It’s meant to keep you involved in the action, and does exactly that.

Rage-inducing. Your space ship is a squirrelly little thing, the corridors are tight, with lots of hairpins turns merged with death walls and rotating platforms of doom. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t a game where the entire point is speed!

It’s addicting, and a lot of fun if you’re looking for something fast-paced that will challenge your reflexes and skill. You can race yourself, with the addition of a ghost version of your ship running where you last went, and you can easily reset the level if you are going for time. I like the ability to do multiplayer, as well.

Bring extra controllers if you have a short fuze because you will probably break them from the pure, unadultered rage that this instills in even the most calm of people.

I had to quit after a few levels. It’s a hard game! If you enjoy challenges, you’re gonna love this! If you want a story, you’ll be disappointed. If you want something mind-numbing that will help you unwind, don’t play this because it’ll make things worse. This is a game for people who want something simple, yet able to keep them on the edge of their seats. It’s also good for group play for small get togethers.

oOo: Ascension is out now, and is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and XBox One.

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