Video Games for the Week of May 28th, 2019

PS4, Switch, & Xbox One

PixARK is a lot like Minecraft, in the fact that you build, but the game boasts a character progression system that was lacking from games like Minecraft. Build your stats, and fill out your skill trees, while crafting, and taming over 100 animals!

PS4 & Switch

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition
Enhanced edition with new dialogue, better performance & visuals and more puzzles! Solve the mystery of your mother! In this puzzle horror game.

For the King
A new JRPG with strategy, that allows you to have a unique playthrough, regardless of how many times you play it. Sail, fight, craft, and protect yourself as you brave the underworld in this new and unique property.


Explore a new world with every play, as you try to discover who you are, and where you come from. Use your surroundings to escape the person hunting you. In multiplayer though, you become the hunter, as you try to murder the competition.


Battle Worlds Kronos
A game boasting to give you your money’s worth with a long playtime, the game states it has over 60 hours of gameplay. Choose to decimate your enemy with skill and power, or defend your world with guerrilla tactics. The game boasts an easy to learn, but hard to master system, forcing players to challenge themselves as they battle their friends.

Opus Collection
Including within one game, “The Day We Found Earth” and “Rocket of Whispers”, Opus is a heartwarming space odysseys. From upholding a promise to return home, and save humanity, to building a rocket to uphold an ancient tradition, Opus boasts a wonderful, and interesting story in each game.

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