Video Games for the Week of June 25th, 2019

PS4 & Switch

Super Neptunia RPG by Idea Factory International
Bombyx Mori is forcing people to make 2D games, but are forced to only make 2D games. However some unknown girl, named Neptune, seeks to break free of the 2D world. Explore interactive dungeons, turn-based battles, elemental attacks as you attempt to save Gamindustri, and break into the 3D world.

PS4 & Xbox One

Monster Jam Steel Titans by THQ Nordic
Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a monster truck? Then pick this game up. 25 vehicles, 12 stadiums, and a destructive environment. Race around stadiums to the freeing outdoors, all with stunts and destruction a plenty.

The Sinking City Day One Edition by Maximum Games
Step into the mind of H.P. Lovecraft within “The Sinking City”. Investigate to uncover what is really going wrong in the city, and with the very odd people that live within it. From Frogwares, the same developer as the Sherlock Holmes series.

Samurai Shodown by SNK
Samurai Shodown is back with the original 13 fighters, and 3 new ones. Developed by the people behind King of Fighter XIV, enjoy high-damage battles, cinematic style and updated mechanics. All of which is designed to keep you loving the game online and offline.


Death’s Gambit by Adult Swim Games
A 2D platformer, with RPG sprinkled in, Death’s Gambit takes you into a world where you play Death’s right hand. In the game you will be forced to challeng the undying gardians, and earn your place as the faithful servant of Death, so that you may be granted immortality.

Judgment by Sega of America
Set within the Yakuza Series universe, you play as Takayuki Yagami, a detective seeking answers in the corrupt underbelly of the Seedy Red Light District. Swap between crane style and tiger style as you fight with style and power, giving rise to a new dimension of combat.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by 505 Games
A gothic horror, with notes of action, all packaged within a side-scrolling RPG. In England, 19th century, Miriam must fight through a demon-infested castle to save herself and the world. Throughout the game play, you can progress, while unlock spells, powers, and weapons, allowing you to tailor your experience.

MotoGP 19 by Maximum Games
Now on the Nintendo Switch, play as well known professional racers, or use the graphic editor to create your own racer with their own style. Race on your own with enemy racers run by the game boast a Neural AI and Machine Learning allowing you to race smarter and faster ai that learns how to beat you. Play online with dedicated servers to help prevent any latency in your online game play.

Super Mario Maker 2 by Nintendo
Super Mario Maker is back with the long awaited side scrolling sequel. The Story Mode has over 100 courses. So either play single-player Story, or build your own courses. From coin-shooting cannons to Bowser riding a giant Goomba, the options are vast as to what you can build.

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