Video Games for the Week of May 5th, 2020


John Wick Hex by Good Shepherd Entertainment

Have you wanted to be John Wick? Well, now the PC game that allowed you to be in the shoes of the Baba Yaga is now coming to the PS4. Now enjoy the tactical combat all in video game format, as you wait for the inevitable next John Wick film.


Fledgling Heroes by Subtle Boom

Take on a feathered character as you play a game dodging lizards, through forests and temples solo and with friends. Once you get tired of the games 100 and more temples, you can even make your own, and even customize your characters!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill by Thunderful

It’s time to take your bike to the mountain, digitally since most parks are closed in the quarantine. You can enjoy forests, trails, rivers, peaks, and valleys! Race, jump, and slide your way Downhill!

SuperMash by Digital Continue

How would you like to play a game that is a new game every time! Well, SuperMash is a game that takes genres and smashes them together so you get a different feel every time you play it. The game takes place when a game shop is in trouble, and you have to find a way to save it! Use things like Platforming, Stealth, spaceships fights, and JRPG battles! The options are numerous.

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