Video Games for the Week of March 17th, 2020

PS4 & Xbox One

Doom Eternal by Bethesda Softworks

A direct sequel to the Doom from 2016, Doom is back with the first person combat child of Wolfenstein. “DOOM Slayer” is back to once again fight the monsters of hell, with old and new demons to slay with old and new weapons. Demon chunks flying everywhere.

You find yourself on Earth, where hell has already made a foothold. Take back the planet, as you finally find out more about your character’s backstory.


MLB The Show 20 by Sony

MLB The Show is back for 2020, and it’s baseball. It’s always baseball. Nothing has changed there. However this time around they promise new play, new customization, and better action. Play your route to the pros, leading up to the 2020 year!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons by Nintendo

Tom Nook is back, and so are you as you try to create your own home on a deserted island. Craft, build, explore, as you set up your islands, in the changing seasons. But if that is not enough, and you tire of your island, you can always visit friends islands with up to four players on the same console, or eight players online or locally.

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