We Spend Time Talking To Tim Lyu The Host of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

We’ve been talking about the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo leading up to the event, check out our prior article Here. As the convention gets closer, you should check out our article so you can see who and what is going on at the convention.

We were lucky to steal a little of Tim Lyu’s time before the convention kicks off to ask him what people should be on the lookout for. See what he had to say!

Clideen Karami: The first year you guys did CRX was in 2017. Now 4 years later, how much has the Expo changed, and are more people attending?

    Tim Lyu: The expo has definitely changed for the better, and I actually attended for the first time last year when I got the job as the host of Crunchyroll so it was really cool to see the old CRX and experiencing the 2019 CRX for myself.

Clideen: What would you tell someone attending CRX for the first time in person that they have to experience and not miss out on?

    Tim: THEY SHOULD EXPERIENCE PANELS DONE BY YOURS TRULY… No but seriously there are a lot of fun panels in CRX and I think fans will have a good time there…

Clideen: What are some exciting things people should look out for this year during the V-CRX.

    Tim: Some of the exciting things people should look out for this year? Is definitely the Junji Ito Yon & Mu cat panel AND I just saw this today but there will be a One Piece panel with the voice actors for Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Sanji… I WILL FORSURE BE THERE…

Clideen: Thanks for your time!

You can check out Tim Lyu as he works within these panels during the convention:

  • CRUNCHYROLL GAMES INDUSTRY PANEL Friday, September 4 at 2:30 PM PT
  • JUNJI ITO’S CAT DIARY: YON & MU PANEL WITH JUNJI ITO Friday, September 4 at 6:30 PM PT
  • Remember Virtual Crunchyroll Expo free, and registration is open now! Get your tickets Here before the convention starts.

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