Create Music Easy With ToneStone!

When people think about music and gaming, really only two names come to mind. Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Greg LoPiccolo had a finger in both. Now he has partnered with Tom Leonard, of Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead, and is working on a new way to give gamers access to the world of music.

To that end, Tom and Greg have brought together their experience in the gaming world to create an interactive way to create music with ToneStone.

People without the knowledge or musical training can jump right into ToneStone and create music within seconds without having to spend hours learning high-end high-cost software. They achieve this by using traditional game mechanics and guided progression. Additionally, leveled learning and achievements will keep users engaged and creating.

The program will even have multiplayer options so people can work with friends or teams to create or edit tracks. Once you are done creating your tune, the music is yours, and free to use in your broadcasts, live streams, and other products.

While it isn’t available yet, betas are coming soon, so sign up Here. If you missed the Beta, then you can add it to your waitlist on Steam. Small creators will be happy to know that it will release on Steam for free!

What will you create once it launches?

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