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Who doesn’t know or love Stan Lee? Well, I was able to get to meet up with the people behind the Stan Lee Foundation while at San Diego Comic Con. While meeting up with them, I got the chance to interview the association.

The Stan Lee Foundation was founded to help people (of all ages) with literacy and art in today’s world. A lot of people don’t know that 1 in 7 adults are illiterate. Many children of the world don’t have access to basic education. It’s that very reason that unfortunately children are on the path to become 1 of those 7 adults. Stan Lee was known as a the Godfather of comic books, but he also wished to help many people with different tasks in life. This foundation takes that to heart as they plan to help others. They specifically attempt to help children find the super power in themselves. Helping them rise above all odds, with the help of a positive outlook in their future.

Stan Lee believed that comics were a great way of showing children that it is fun to read, and specifically teach them to want to read, instead of just forcing them to read.

The Stan Lee Foundation is relatively, having been founded in 2010, but has already started striving to meet their goals for the future. These are some of their goals:

  • Provide Support, Guidance, and Leadership They are working with educational systems to support and provide aid to people who need help teaching people how to read.
  • Spreading Word About Stan Lee They are making efforts to bring out a full Stan Lee documentary to show how he touched the world and the people in it.
  • Honor Stan Lee In Hollywood the American Legion Post 43, which is a theater and partial bar. The foundation and the location have agreed to rename this venue The Stan Lee Foundation Theater.
  • That’s just how they are starting though, as their plans continue to grow.

    If you keep your eyes on the Stan Lee Foundation, you will be very surprised by how they are helping people. In the mean time, if this mission of the foundation touches your heart, and you’d like to help, then please donate to the foundation at the link below. If you are a fan of coffee like Stan Lee was, then you can help support the foundation by heading to this SITE to purchase a limited bag of coffee for $30. The same blend of coffee that Stan Lee had every morning while he created and inspired, making the world a better place.

    Stan Lee Foundation

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