Travel To The Upside Down Via The NYC Ferry!

Last month we covered the awesome and amazing experience that is the Stranger Things: The Experience event taking over the Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. You can actually see our coverage of that Here and our review Here!

While the event is amazing and lots of fun, transportation and parking solutions for the event can be a bit rough. While not a lot of people drive in New York, there are still lots of people in the surrounding area, and a few stragglers within Brooklyn that Fever and Netflix has partnered with the NYC Ferry to help their fans get to the experience!

If you bought a ticket for the experience recently, you might have even already been alerted to the fact that the NYC Ferry is the optimal way to travel to the experience.

To get in the mood for being an official transportation 15 NYC Ferries will be brand inside and outside with Stranger Things: The Experience artwork. Ticket holders will have to purchase a separate ticket for the NYC Ferry, but will be able to board the ferry from downtown Manhattan, East 90th Street, Astoria, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, and East 34th Street. From their they will be transported to the Navy Yard Dock 72 and will be able to enjoy a short 10-minute walk to the experience. When parking isn’t easy, this is a great solution.

Plan your route appropriately and find out how to purchase tickets for the NYC Ferry Here and pick up your tickets to the Stranger Things: The Experience Here!

Don’t forget the second part of Stranger Things 4 will return on July 1, 2022.

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