Sticker Mule Shows They Care During COVID-19

We wanted to give our friends and creators a heads up about the awesome service, Sticker Mule.

We’ve covered their company a bunch over the year, from tweeting out about their contests, events, and offers, to announcing their awesome services to independent creators.

Now we are sharing what is going on differently there as a result of the effects of Coronavirus, or COVID-19. They are modifying their equipment to manufacture masks for hospitals and emergency personal. Specifically N95 masks, which are in high demand at this time.

What does this mean to people who are using the site for their business? Not a lot specifically, except their awesome and amazing turn around time will be extended slightly because their focus is shifted to “Essential Services Support”, as their site mentions.

They do ask though that you refrain from sending non-essential orders at this time, but if you are a company in need of their services, then they are still available. Additionally

they are offering 100 blank mailers for only $29 dollars, with free shipping Here to help independent businesses that have to ship now that they can’t have their doors open.

So keep watching this awesome and amazing company!

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