Sony’s Kando Event Is Going Virtual For 2020

The spirit of Kando has not been killed by the Pandemic, but it has evolved.

Since COVID-19 has prevented travel and public events, Sony has had to think of a new way to achieve the same thing that the physical event works to bring to their attendees.

While the full Kando Trip is actually being postponed till 2021, Sony still wanted to bring the experience to their users and followers. To meet the needs of an ever-changing world and still create an event, Sony decided to take the event, and place it online. They didn’t just place it online though, they made it available to everyone and for FREE!

If you are a photographer and filmmaker, this is a once in a lifetime experience to grow and learn with the creator community.

Helping Sony through the amazing event are a litany of Teachers and Mentors running a myriad of workshops and classes:

Jeff Berlin • Chris Burkard • Louis Cole • Tomayia Colvin • Crissi Beth Cooper
Drew Geraci • Jermaine Horton • Marvi Lacar • Kesha Lambert • Ben Lowy
Cristina Mittermeier • Tiffany Nguyen • Paul Nicklen • Miguel Quiles • Eli Reed
Rachel Jones Ross • Brooke Shaden • Tobi Shinobi • Brian Smith • Mahesh Thapa

Here are some of the awesome workshops they will be running during the event, that you can partake in to up your video and photography game:

  • The Storied Brand
  • Inside The Portrait Studio
  • Maximizing Social Media Potential
  • See What I See: Architectural Photography
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Inside Travel Video Production
  • Evocative Fine Art
  • Understanding Composition
  • Making The Perfect Pitch
  • Editing Architectural Photography
  • Creating Video For Social Good
  • Wedding Lighting On The Fly
  • Cinematic Timelapse At Home
  • How To Do A Style Shoot
  • Production in Place: Creativity & Patience
  • On Location In The Canadian Rockies
  • Staying Creative in Challenging Times
  • From Bad Locations To Great Backgrounds
  • Night Photography Techniques
  • The Ultimate Wedding Photography Bag
  • Monetizing Your Video Content
  • The event takes place on August 15, 2020 through August 16, 2020, if you want to register for the event, you can do so Here.

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