Sky: Children of the Light – Game Review

I usually don’t play mobile games. I tried Pokemon and loved it until I ran out of room in my bag trying to “catch ‘em all”. But I did love the social aspect of getting together with people to go out and complete a kind of mission. Recently a new mobile game has sparked my interest, it’s by “Thatgamecompany” who created the PC and console games “Flower” and “Journey” and their newest game is on mobile and called “Sky: Children of the Light”. Out of these games, Sky is more on the emotional side of the spectrum, it’s a game about giving and is about happiness for people who want to give. “Flower” is more about peace and “Journey” is more about connecting to each other. So yea, Thatgamecompany, is the next level on the spiritual and emotional game play. 

Commenting on why they went mobile with this game, as opposed to PC and console with the other games, is that they got a lot of feedback from “Journey” saying the players loved sharing this game with their friends and family and wanted a game like this that they could play together. Welcome to “Sky: Children of the Light”. Its a mobile touch experience with flight in a whimsical world above the clouds. There is a civilization that existed, but is somehow ruined. We are sort of left with our own interpretation of what could have happened. The world is in a way like how you could experience a theme park. You can explore a little, or a lot. Things are constantly evolving, expanding, and things experienced before could change and open. In a mobile setting, the world has the ability to expand itself. Also like a theme park, the different realms offer different experiences: some offer exploration, competition, or meditative experiences.

By yourself, you can fly through seven regions to unfurl a mystery and work to restore fallen constellations and restore light to the world, but the real treat is your connection to the community. You can fly with others to tackle challenges or craft musical harmonies, and you can gift candles to form bonds with your fellow flyers. Characters can hold hands with up to eight friends to guide them through the game. It has its perks. It’s easier to fly with friends, who act as an energy reserve for better soaring.  

Another interesting thing about this game, is that chat is restricted to only people you’ve built a relationship with via emotes. A stranger can’t barrel into your conversations and start screaming obscenities. Instead, players are encouraged to spend time with each other, get to know one another through physical actions, and build trust. 

Needless to say, I still have a lot more to go on this game. But I can tell you, the controls are very easy to use and this game is beautiful! So beautiful that they encourage photos in the game to be taken. Also being able to connect with strangers and friends in this way, sort of makes me feel vulnerable but excited. Customizing the characters is always fun and pretty cool for the style of this game. Keep your eyes on Thatgamecompany! They are revolutionizing the idea of what a game can be and how it can make you feel. 

Now available for free to play on IOS and will be coming to Android in the future. Are you playing this game now? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments.

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