“The Boys” Press Conference

The Boys was one of the most amazing things about San Diego Comic Con, leading up to it’s release on the Amazon Prime Streaming service. The comic book series however was created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The comic book was originally published by Wildstorm in 2006, before moving to Dynamite Entertainment and ending in 2012 with 72 issues. The 2019 show however is created by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and stars primarily Karl Urban and Jack Quaid.

First thing, before we go to far…. SPOILERS! There. You have been warned. That being said, I mean it’s like the first 5 minutes, and it’s pretty well discussed, so “minor” spoilers?

In the original comic book, Simon Pegg was actually the inspiration for the main character of Hughie Campbell. However as time has moved on, and 16 years have passed, Jack Quaid, the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. As a nod to the original comic series, Simon Pegg has been cast as Hugh Campbell, Hughie’s father. The inciting incident is insane, but it kicks off the whole series, and the panel of stars and creators said that they wouldn’t have done the show unless they were allow to showcase the death of Robin.

What happens next devolves into a violent and agressive journey for revenge. It’s a fun ride.

They covered a couple interesting things from the press conference. Here is what we learned.

  • It was hard to sell the show because of the pitch. However, the streaming networks allowed them to open up the story and explore the characters better.
  • The cast talks about how a show like “The Boys” would seem like it would be very stereotypically about men, but the strong female issues, are covered very well.
  • Erin Moriarty talks about her character, Starlight, being from the middle of America, how she starts as nieve, but is snapped to reality. However she was proud about representing a good person.
  • Karen Fukuhara talks about when they were looking for for “The Female” fighting style, they wanted a more deliberate fight style. They wanted to show that the character fights is more reactive.
  • A reporter asked if they wanted to get to get Simon Pegg to play Hughie, and it’s turned over to Jack Quaid, who jokingly asks if he meant, “Did he want Simon Pegg to play Hughie?” They mention that they specifically wanted to nod to the original intent, but for the character he is happy he is allowed to play it, and knows he is stepping into big shoes.
  • Karl Urban talks about how fighting an invisible super hero was an interesting experience for himself, and that it was a new thing to deal with in his career.
  • They talk about how they did make some changes, and that they aimed to make it as grounded and real as they could make it.

We love the series and we hope that you’ll give it a try as well! If you are still on the fence, then check out the trailer below!


The Boys – Trailer

Amazon is currently filming Season Two of The Boys right now!

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