SDCC 2019 – Amazon Prime Video Experience

We made our way to the preview of Amazon Prime Video Experience 60,000 square-foot activation on the corner of MLK and 1 st, for San Diego Comic Con. Boy is it a sight! From the clips on the big screen to the immersive world they crafted, it’s an amazing and unique experience.

While inside we experienced all the specific activations within for The Boys, Carnival Row and The Expanse!

Upon entering they give you coins that you can use for food, or entrance for the activations.

For The Boys We were forced to covering up the crime scene of a superhero, who kidnapping a person at an Audio Visual shop!

For Carnival Row you can coexist with exotic creatures as you enter The Forbidden Lounge, a hidden venue in which you can view a special performance set to a Victorian theme.

[The Expanse Picture]

For The Expanse we took a Rocinante spaceship on a mission from the United Nations, to visit a newly colonized planet!

Also, if you are hungry or thirsty, Carl’s Jr has you covered with drinks and snacks. Also if you cosplayed, or just want a commemorative photo, Amazon hired a lifestyle photographer to take professional portraits, which can be emailed to you!

One thing I will say is that they hide all kind of awesome mysteries to solve to gain an even deeper experience! Search, delve, and explore!

Don’t forget to check out this activation, as it will be running from Thursday, July 18th through Sunday, July 21st!

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