SDCC 2019 – Awesome Mixer Vol. 2 Party

The last of three parties thrown by Nerdist, XLEVELENT, and CrunchyRoll at the Fluxx nightclub in downtown San Diego during the 50th Anniversary of the San Diego Comic Con. For the final party of the convention, they did not disappoint!

If you have followed us in the past, or are familiar with San Diego Comic Con in general, then you know that there are tons of parties to attend during the convention weekend.

I was able to cover the Awesome Mixer Vol. 2 Party, and it might very well have been the best and most exciting parties of them all. As you may have seen, Fluxx was hosting a series of parties, and
this party took place on Friday July 19. Doors opened at 8 PM and the venue just got more full as the hours passed.

To fit the Guardians theme, there were neon cassette tapes lights behind the bar, a standin

  • g Hulk Buster suit sitting in the front of the entrance, so that attendees and fans could take photos with it. That being said, it might have been hard to do so, as lights were flashing everywhere.

    This party has so many guest appearances. Many people were dressed in their favorite Sci-Fi inspired costumes, but with the theme of Guardian of the Galaxy, plenty of the attendees were dressed as Star Lord.

    The performers knew how to connect with the theme, and the fans. Challenging the attendees to a dance off. It was quite the scene with all the Star Lords in the club. But all the other people dressed in Guardians costumes also joined in the fun, as they showed off their moves. That wasn’t the only thing though, as the venue threw costume contests, trivia and more!

    The dance floor was packed with people getting down to 80’s and 90’s music. The main performance was from the house band called The Flux Capacitors. They were dressed In clothing from Back To The Future and they rocked it. There were also special guests performances from: Darryl from Run DMC, Dan Fogler, and Gigi Edgley, and more. Dan Fogler came out multiple times throughout the night and performed with The Flux Capacitors. Darryl was able to throw us back with some Run DMC logic and the hip hop era of the 80’s and 90’s. The night’s music was well planned out. A band or guest star would performing and when they would take a break, the club would send a DJ on stage to keep the crowd going. The two standout DJ’s of the night were DJ Yondu and DJ Hugh Carter.

    Fluxx had 3 full bars operating during the party. So if you wanted a drink, it was incredibly easy to get one. Additionally they had bottle service tables, where the staff and deliver a bottle, it was easy to see them though, as they were decked out with LED lights. Past the bottle service tables was the VIP section, with a beautiful view of the entire nightclub. From there you wouldn’t miss the performances.

    There was also a station where it will create a 4 photo motion GIF which you can email to yourselves as a souvenir of the party.

    It was a wonderful night to nerd out, have fun, listen to great music that we grew up with, or was introduced to, and just be yourself. The Flux Capacitors killed it, the DJ’s were on point from hip hop to EDM mixes, and everyone was having a blast. Not going to lie, one of the best parties/night clubs I have ever been to. Thanks for everything and hope you guys can come to the parties next year!

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