Scholastic And Hunt A Killer Partner For A New Mystery Book

We’ve talked about Hunt A Killer before when they teamed up with The Blair Witch for a special adventure, (see our prior article Here), but now they’ve teamed up with the superstar book group of Scholastic!

Every child loves Scholastic. They were the highlight of your school week when you received that book list. Even if you didn’t have a lot of money growing up, like myself, you would at least look at the Scholastic guide and see books that you wanted and then could beg your parents for your birthday.

So what is Scholastic and Hunt A Killer partnering for? Well the immersive and interactive mystery themed subscription boxes have created their first young adult mystery book!

The first book is called Perfect Score, from Angelica Monai, and is set to be release in January of 2022.

Perfect Score tells the story of a girl who is attending a new school but isn’t happy so she skips class. When in the course of her hooky she sees her guidance counselor, Mr. Medina, be murdered from falling onto a train platform. The police think it’s an accident, but she knows better but doesn’t know who did it. Now she has to discover the cause before she attracts too much attention to her investigation.

Hunt A Killer isn’t just shifting to books though, so don’t worry. They are still planning big and new stories for their 2021 experiences, and create more all-in-one premium game boxes.

You can pre-order the book Here, but while you wait, do you have what it takes to be a detective? Well, Hunt A Killer will see if you’re right!

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