Resident Evil’s New “Project Resistance” – Preview

Have you been missing out on your Resident Evil fix? Want to re-enter Raccoon City, the home of Umbrella, which the game had left behind may games prior?

Well Capcom is coming back to Raccoon City with a new multiplayer game called Project Resistance as the game pits four Survivors against a mutated and maniacal Mastermind!

The game theme seems to match the style of Left 4 Dead, with a hint of Friday the 13th: The Game, allowing players to randomly get assigned as the Mastermind, or the victims of his trap.

  • To win as a survivor, you will have to find a way out of the experiment before the time runs out, and the Masterminds plan comes to fruition.
  • As the Mastermind, you want to keep them within your test, or kill them to test their survival. Gather research, and set traps, and send enemies their way.
  • While the information about the Mastermind, Daniel Fabron, is not well known, the survivors are….

    Samuel Jordan

    Your attack character. High health, and good at close combat. As a boxer, before his tragic injury, he knows just where to punch the enemies.
    January Van Sant

    Your hacker character. Her abilities will block the ability of the Mastermind to see your group, and make it harder to fight against your group. She’s good at what she does, and that’s what put her on Umbrella’s radar.
    Valerie Harmon

    Your support character. She sees useful items nearby, and heals teamates. A chemist, she is smart enough to work for Umbrella, but not smart enough to keep her nose out of their private business.
    Tyrone Henry

    Your tank character. Good at degense and close combat. Working to resolve a fire, being a fireman, at an Umbrella factory, got him in hot water.

    They have an open beta coming soon, so make sure to keep checking out Project Resistance for your opportunity to be a part of it, as it will come out on Xbox One and PS4.

    If you want to know more as it becomes available, make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to learn details as they drop!

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