We Talk About “The Proof Is Out There” With Tony Harris

If you saw our prior Article talking about Tony Harris’ new show on History talking about the mysteries of the world, then you are likely excited for it’s release today, however, if you are still on the fence, we got a couple seconds with Tony Harris to ask him about his new project!

We sat down with Tony Harris to discuss a little more about the show before it’s premiere!

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: Thank you for taking the time with us Tony to talk about “The Proof Is Out There.”

    Tony Harris: My pleasure, Eric, and Happy New Year!

Eric: When you went through the footage for the series, how did you guys decide which ones were ideal for the format?

    Tony: First, the clips had to be controversial. There needed to be a real debate online, in chat rooms, on social media, in academic circles about the clips. When you get that kind of debate around a clip, you know you have something to sink your teeth into. At that point, we jump in, put our team to work on it and come to some judgments. And, boy, there’s a lot of material out there.

Eric: Do you dedicate one section of footage per episode, or do you break down multiple pieces of content each episode?

    Tony: We work our way through at least four clips in the half-hour. We like the pace of that a lot. We dig in, consult, gather the opinions of our experts and call balls and strikes.

Eric: How do you guys prepare, and investigate the average footage in the series?

    Tony: It’s an exchange of ideas, clips and analysis between our experts and our production team. Our experts use the latest video and audio forensic techniques to get to the bottom of these clips. The hoaxes are pretty easy to detect and rip to shreds, and some of them are really clever! What energizes us is when we can verify an event and say that it needs a deeper investigation from our team. That’s when we do the happy dance! That means we’re getting closer to something really significant.

Eric: Do you ever feel like you could delve deeper into a specific footage, but were limited by the half-hour format of the show?

    Tony: I feel like we’re working our way through a universe of possibilities to get to galaxies of possibilities to get to probabilities. And when we get to probabilities, that’s where the crux of the work begins. Our team is hoping we get to add specials to the “Proof” universe that offer even deeper dives of events that deserve it. I think about the work of someone like Jill Tarter with the SETI project and realize we’re just getting started.

Eric: Was there any specific instance you cover in the show that left you believing the unbelievable?

    Tony: I think we call something unbelievable because we can’t explain it based on our understanding of science, technology and the physical world as we know it. What I’m finding really interesting in this work is how these events are leading me to want to better understand the connection between science and faith and spirituality. Whew!

Eric: Were there any topics or footage you tried to cover in the show, but you couldn’t find enough proof to make it worth dedicating the time within the show?

    Tony: So there’s a lot of stuff out there where people are trying to muddy the waters. Hopefully, we’re doing a service by debunking a lot of that and making the point that serious people are working on this. Take the nonsense to Hollywood. But you can’t be a show that’s solely about debunking. When we find a clip that passes muster with our team we say so based on the best information at the moment. But when the evidence changes, we’re not knuckleheads, we’ll revisit our decisions.

Eric: Thanks once more Tony, and we can’t wait to find the proof with you on January 5th!

Watch the series premier Tuesday, January 5th at 10:00 p.m. on History Channel!

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