OPGames Brings U.S. Stamps Edition Of Monopoly To The Masses

The USPS is probably one of the most important Federal agencies that exists still to this day. Its organization not only supports businesses and citizens with mail, packages, and dreaded bills, but it’s even more than that.

On top of being a support system for mail-in ballots, governmental connection to citizens, and even form access and filing, the postal service keeps commercial shipping services in check.

Without the USPS, the bigger boys in the field like UPS and FedEx would be able to charge whatever they want. On top of that, both services regularly use the network created by the USPS to carry their products on certain portions or pathways to reduce cost or ensure reliability.

If you want to support the amazing Postal Service, OPGames has given you a fun new way to do so! Their new U.S. Stamps Edition Monopoly is licensed by the USPS and therefore a portion of the profits from the game go directly to the USPS to ensure that it stays open at least a little bit longer!

Now you can play Monopoly with fun postal themed tokens:

Then take those tokens around the board purchasing collectible stamps. Then build our postal empire by placing mailboxes (houses) and eventually distribution centers (hotels).

You can pick up your own copy of this edition Here as it is available now!

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