Drive-in Movie Club Comes To New York City

While cinema’s around the world are shut down for fear of COVID-19, getting your movie fix isn’t always easy.

Drive-ins of yesteryears are gone from the scene, and would have fixed this issue, allowing family’s a way to take their kids out every once in a while for a distraction.

Hot Tub Cinema, normally gives people the opportunity to watch movies in a hot tub… sounds awesome, but out of the question during a social distancing quarantine. Now to make matters safer, and still fill the void, Hot Tub Cinema has shifted gears to the give people a fun event to attend!

For six nights, starting Tuesday July 7, 2020, and continuing until Sunday July 12, 2020 the event will be running showing various family friendly movies.

While it’s unclear where the nation will be in July, it’s good to know that there are still some events on the horizon to help us relieve our cabin fever.

You bring the car. Early bird tickets per car will be $25, and non-early bird tickets will be $30.

Tickets aren’t available for purchase yet, but you can pre-register for your tickets Here.

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