Nerd Taste of New York: Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up

In celebration for the 25th anniversary of the hit series Friends, the show has partnered with Superfly Productions to create a unique pop-up experience for New Yorkers, and fans of the show!

If you head down to the event, you will find amazing things, such as set recreations of the apartments, Central Perk, the Show’s Fountain, which allows photo-ops a plenty!

That’s not all though as interactive oppotunities make you feel like you are literally in an episode of the show, from sporting the “Rachel”, to a ton of props from the series, it’s hard to not flash back to a simpler time when this show was on the air. Central Perk even sells pastries and coffee for attendees.

They even have trivia nights at the Pop-Up where attendees with tickets to the event can try to prove how big of a super fan they are, and win prizes!

The Pop-Up runs from September 7th, through to October 6th. The actual location is open from 10:00 a.m. til 10:00 p.m..

Unfortunately at this time tickets are sold out, but if you head to their site Here, you can enter your email on their mailing list to be alerted when tickets will be back up.

When tickets were available, they only cost $29.50 a pop!

If you are sad that you can’t attend due to tickets or distance, then you can still partake in their Pop-Up store, located onsite and online Here!

FRIENDS New York City Pop-Up
76 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

The Pop-Up does not have parking, so if you want to get to the event, I’d recommend taking the Subways. Tell Gunther we say hello!

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