Generations of Proof Available Now

Maker’s Mark is touring select regions of the U.S. and Rob Samuels is signing copies of their recently, and limited, release of Generations of Proof.

But what is Generations of Proof?

Generations of Proof is a collection of three different ways to make and prepare Maker’s Mark by the Maker’s Mark founding family.

Firstly though, every bottle in the three bottle set is 375ml. The bottle shapes, labels, and even proof/alcohol by volume is different though.

The first of the three is Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, created by the founder, T. William Samuels. It is 108.8 Proof, with 54.4% Alcohol by Volume.

The second of the three is Maker’s Mark 46 Cask Strength, created by son of the founder, Bill Samuels Jr.. It is 112.2 Proof, with 55.6% Alcohol by Volume. It is also finished with oak staves

The third, and last of the three is Maker’s Mark Private Selection, created by the grandson of the founder, Rob Samuels. It is 110.2 Proof, with 55.1% Alcohol by Volume. It is also finished with oak staves.

If these interest you, then head to your local Costco, or alcohol store to pick up your three pack, before they run out. They sell for $79.99

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