Nerd Taste Of Los Angeles: Halloween Events To Pay Attention To!

Are you looking for something to do this Halloween? We’ll we have compiled the best and most amazing Halloween themed events in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

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Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights starts officially on September 13th, and runs ongoing through November 3rd. However on Thursday, September 12, Universal is hosting a preview of the horror experience.

Attending the Thursday preview will allow the guests to be among the first to be terrified by their 10 new mazes as well as a unique and one of a kind Horror Panel, only available on the preview night.

Dates for “Halloween Horror Nights” are as follows:

Ticket options are:

  • General Ticket. Starting at $67
  • Day/Night Combo Ticket. Starting at $99
  • September Fear Pass (visit up to 11 event nights in September). Starting at $109
  • Universal Express Ticket. Starting at $159
  • Frequent Fear Pass (visit up to 25 select nights). Starting at $179
  • Premium R.I.P. Tour (their version of VIP). Starting at $279
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Stranger Things based on season 2 and 3.
  • Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man inspired by Universal’s original monsters.
  • Holidayz in Hell an all-original maze.
  • The Walking Dead inspired by AMC’s popular series.
  • Ghostbusters inspired by the original movie series.
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space inspired by the 1980s film.
  • Creepshow inspired by the 1980s movie, and 2019 movie.
  • Us based on Jordan Peele’s film of the same name.
  • House of 1000 Corpses inspired by the film series by Rob Zombie.
  • and one more that has not been announced yet!
  • Additional Experiences:
    Themed photo ops, night time ride opportunities, DJ music, Comedy Shows, and of course the ability to travel through the amazing park full of monsters and creatures.

    What does Halloween Horror Nights offer, that other venues do not?

      One of the amazing things about Universal, has been that they have always been amazing at creating the moment in which you are fully engaged. Over the years we have attended, and one of our most amazing moments was their Camp Crystal Lake maze, when you entered the woods section it felt, looked, and smelled like the woods. Then you entered a cabin and found Jason stabbing a metal rod through a male body, another female body, and then through a bed. When you entered, he jerked the rod, and blood sprayed out from between the body. and then the female body, an actor, started screaming. The lady in front of me almost had a heart attack. Only Universal could hit horror to this level.

    Tickets for the event are available Here! Act quickly though, tickets for select and more choice nights will go quick!

    Knott’s Scary Farm
    Knott’s Scary Farm returns, as it will forever. One of the oldest running Halloween mazes in California, and the one that most companies base their business model on. Knott’s Scary Farm runs September 19th through November 2nd.

    Dates for “Knott’s Scary Farm” are as follows:

    Ticket options are:

  • Boo-Fet (buffet dinner, and early access, not including admission). $35
  • General Tickets. Starting at $43
  • Knott’s Scary Farm Pass (admission to every night). $100 Limited Time
  • General Ticket w/ Fright&Fast Lane (priority access). Starting at $125
  • All Inclusive Ticket (includes ticket, Boo-fet, Parking, Fright&Fast). Starting at $158
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Dark Ride travel through an abandoned carnival ride.
  • Paranormal Inc. returning, guests investigate a haunted hospital.
  • Shadow Lands demon samurais in a sacred shrine.
  • Special Ops: Infected A unique experience, where guests wield laser guns and fight hordes of zombies. (No additional charge)
  • More coming soon!
  • Additional Experiences:
    For those that arrive early though, they can purchase access to a monster hosted Buffet with a followed early entrance to Knott’s Scary Farm including boysenberry pie. Inside the theme park hosts music and DJ performances throughout the night. If you are looking for something else within the experience you can check out the Freak show, clown themed and fog covered themed scare zones.

    What does Knott’s Scary Farm offer, that other venues do not?

      Size, if you want to experience a large option, with tons of mazes and options, then Knott’s is your place. They have been doing this for a while, and the only draw back is that their success draws a crowd.

    Tickets for the event are available Here!

    Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
    Queen Mary is bring back their fan favorite event, Dark Harbor, which returns to the grounds on September 26th and runs through November 2nd.

    Dates for “Dark Harbor” are as follows:

    Ticket options are:

  • General Admission. Starting at $34
  • General Admission + Fast Fright. Starting at $74
  • General Admission + Evil Express (shortest lines). Starting at $94
  • Ultimate SCREAM Experience (Ticket, Evil Express, and RIP Lounge). Starting at $209
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Rogue a wave hit the Queen Mary, the ship is tilted.
  • Lullaby Mary, who allegedly drowned in ’52, is looking for a new friend.
  • Feast the evil Chef has returned to serve up you as dinner.
  • Circus the ringmaster returns, with his army of freaks.
  • B340 in 1948, a locked in room B340, disappeared save for blood all over the walls.
  • Intrepid the creator of the ship tainted by a sea witch, bonding him with the ship.
  • Additional Experiences:
    The event usually hosts a large collection of carnival foods, and opportunities from rides, bars, and even entertainment. They host comedians, magicians, body horror specialists, and acrobats, not even including their music. If you don’t want to walk a maze, you can still have lots of fun watching their shows.

    What does Dark Harbor offer, that other venues do not?

      The Queen Mary isn’t a theme park, or a movie studios that are perfect at setting a scene. Sometimes that can cause issue with their mazes, but the thing that they do know is ghosts. All year long the venue hosts ghosts hunts, and many people believe the boat is actually haunted. This causes quite a feeling when you enter the mazes. Additionally they know what they are doing to play with those feelings. We once got a little turned around, and were all alone in a maze. We were going to turn around, and out of no where a haunting voice told us to turn back around, and I swear we could not find the employee. We were really impressed with how much they cared about the feeling you had as you walked through the property.

    Tickets for the event are available Here! Additionally though, if you are a fan of the event and want to save some money, sometimes Costco sometimes will have discount tickets for the event.

    Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
    Welcome to Los Angeles Haunted Hayride’s Midnight Falls. Themed to be the fictional towns 13th festival, in the year of 1985. The hayride runs from October 4th through November 2nd.

    Dates for “Los Angeles Halloween Hayride” are as follows:

    Ticket options are:

  • Hayride Only (Access to the Hayride and Town Square). Starting at $35
  • General Admission (Access to Hayride, Town Square, and Mazes). Starting at $45
  • VIP Admission (General Admission plus one time front of the line). Starting at $60
  • Platinum VIP (General Admission and Skip-the-Line benefits). Starting at $110
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Trick or Treat tour homes, filled with ghoulish residents.
  • Midnight Mortuary a funeral parlor with secrets.
  • Roadkill Ranch the collectors of roadkill that comes back to life.
  • Haunted Hayride a thrilling adventure of hideous creatures.
  • Additional Experiences:
    The Town Square is available to anyone who has purchased a ticket to the event, regardless of the level. The event also hosts some interesting escape rooms, and as a result of which, you can attend them, but doing so will cost an additional amount.

    What does Los Angeles Halloween Hayride offer, that other venues do not?

      The decoration of the Los Angeles Halloween Hayride is amazing, and really pulls you in. They make it a point to craft a story, and not just put people into masks to scare people. If you want to enter into a solid and well crafted world you should check out this event.

    Tickets for the event are available Here!

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