NTOLA: Dark Harbor Mazes – 2019 [Video]

Nerd News Social stopped by Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, which is running until November 2nd, 2019. We wanted to show you guys a couple of the mazes, so if you haven’t been yet, you’ll get it in gear and hurry up!

  • Intrepid is the journey and story of the poor shipbuilder of the Queen Mary. From Edinburgh to the new world as he built his beloved ship. The realization that he would one day have to leave it drove him into the arms of a sea witch that made him a promise of immortality. He jumped at it, but he was tricked, as the promise of immortality tied him directly to the one thing he loved. As his flesh was replaced with steel, and he became a twisted vision of a man forever bound to his one true love.
    This maze is a solid, and earthy maze, taking you through a train, Scotland, and then finishing with the ranting of the twisted monster himself.
  • Rogue is a horror maze focusing on the idea of a massive wave hitting the Queen Mary. Venture through the ship, as the undead crew and Captain attempt to help you to safety, before the vessel is completely submerged in the briny deep. Venture through water filled sections, as the ground shifts, and the waves crash.
    Prior years Rogue used to be a maze that took place within the bow of the ship, but this version of the maze is even cooler. With the use of projection screens, the newer maze allows people to get more involved and feel like they are actually in a ship that is capsizing, even though they are on land. One of the coolest things about this though is the Bubble room. I felt I was at a rave.
  • Lullaby focuses on the the urban legend of Scary Mary, who drowned in the First Class swimming pool. This maze is a little meta, as Marty Roberts, a medium, is hired to lead crowds through the ship, but he is too successful. As he opens a door to the underworld and Mary brings along some of her friends.
    There is nothing cooler then being able to walk throughout the ship, and this maze has one of my favorite views as you walk across a gangway looking down into the bellows of the ship!
  • As you help the detectives look into the stories of Stateroom B340, follow the information about Samuel, a passenger who became deranged and dangerous to other passengers, so the crew had to lock him in room B340. When they went back to check on him, he was no where to be found within the space. However, what was found was disturbing. The room was filled with blood, more then should have been possible. Additionally carvings were found that brought a darkness to the ship. The story that follows is lost to time, as no one who survived it can explain what actually happened to poor Samuel.
    Turning the story of Stateroom B340 from the tale of the man who somehow killed himself in the most brutal way, to the detectives trying to understand how it happened, was an interesting twist. Who cares, as the Line Up Bar is an awesome location, with an amazing photo opportunity, and the ability to watch patrons walk through and be scared by monsters.
  • Feast oh boy… Where to start. Feast focuses on the fictional story of a cannibal chef aboard the Queen Mary. When food ran out about the ship, the Chef did his best to meet the needs of his high class patrons. However, when people began to worry about where the passengers were disappearing to, they quickly realized that the Chef had been serving them to the other passengers. Now back from the dead the Chef takes his revenge on it’s patrons by throwing them in his oven, like the passengers did to him as punishment for his crimes.
    This maze has some interesting kitchen sets that are really cool, some looking like a human sized oven. The coolest part is that this year, this maze brings people down into the boiler room of the ship, and even empties into their maze themed bar.

  • Drawn by the dark and mysterious ghosts of the Queen Mary, the Ringmaster has set up his Circus at the port for guests, passengers and ghosts to all enjoy. Filled with horrors, freaks, mirrors and an honest to god ball pit, patrons are treated to a show that they will never forget.
    The ball pit is a lot of fun, and the best part of this maze, as described earlier is the hidden bar, which has a control unit for a scare machine that will put the haunting in guests hands. I will say though, that bearded lady is a looker!
  • They currently have discounted tickets through Costco, find out more Here, and you can purchase tickets directly from Queen Mary, Here

    Want to know more about the event? Check out our preview post, or our gallery of pictures Here! Find out more about their Dark Hour Here!

    Queen Mary
    1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802

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