Riot And Netflix Bring Arcane Experience To Los Angeles

Are you excited for the new show Arcane coming to Netflix from Riot Games, and set within the world of League of Legends?

Now you can jump into the world of the game thanks to the people over at Secret Cinema!

Coming exclusively to Los Angeles, and starting on November 21, 2021, Secret Cinema, the people behind the Stranger Things Experience last year, will be bringing fans an immersive gaming experience as the game world and the setting of Arcane collide into ours for a unique experience.

Players will be sent into Undercity, where they will undertake missions. While on them, they will be required to evade the Piltover Enforcers, and their actions will choose how their character’s story ends! Do you have what it takes to experience the dark and dangerous underworld and its sinister inhabitants?

Get your tickets for the event Here with pricing started at $70 a person. Make sure to watch the series first three episodes of Arcane on Netflix when it premieres on November 6, 2021.

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