Nerd Business Spotlight: 7 Deadly Fairies

Stephen Boyd-Morales opened “7 Deadly Fairies” in March of 2011. However, Stephen has over 15 years of professionally costuming experience. From, theatrical work, through festival and fairs, to film and movies, Stephen’s experience is through the roof.

However 7 Deadly Fairies isn’t a company that specifically works for plays and movies, 7 Deadly Fairies is a business for the people. Within the store people can find custom made top hats, costumes, outfits fitting the theme of Renaissance, Dickens, Steampunk, Wizard Wear, and Anime. The only limit to the costuming needs is you.

Additionally though the store carries knickknacks and fan themed items for the whole family.

But why are we talking about them?

One of the coolest things about 7 Deadly Fairies is the craft faires that they run. Allowing smaller businesses without a storefront throughout Los Angeles and the neighboring areas a place for them to sell their wares and get noticed.

From Alice in Wonderland, Wizards, Renaissance, and much more themes!

Their next upcoming fair is the Dark Fairy Craft Fair. It takes place on May 25th, 2019.

You can find our more about their future craft faires by following them on Facebook HERE!

If you are trying to find the right piece for your costume, looking for a gift for a nerd friend, or want to support the independent and small business industries, stop by and support 7 Deadly Fairies.

Visit his website HERE!

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