Get A Birthday Call For Your Little One With Nickelodeon Birthday Club

It’s difficult for kids these days. It’s hard for them to understand that they can’t hang out with their friends, or have playdates.

Then in addition, if their birthday has come, how do you make it fun and unique for the children?

Some people use drive-by celebrations, Zoom Karaoke sessions, and most just keeping it private. While children may understand, and some not, they still are affected by the sadness of the day to day events.

So how can you add a little bit more fun for the children?

Thanks to Nickelodeon’s Birthday Club, you can make the day even more special with a phone call wishing a happy birthday from the likes of:

  • Josh & Blue – Blues Clues
  • SpongeBob – SpongeBob
  • Lincoln Loud – The Loud House
  • Chase – Paw Patrol
  • Skye – Paw Patrol
  • Butterbean – Butterbean’s Cafe
  • The Bubble Guppies
  • Dora – Dora The Explorer
  • Shimmer & Shine – Shimmer and Shine
  • Blaze – Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Wallykazam – Wallykazam!
  • Sign up for your child’s birthday call Here!

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