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Today let’s talk about my new favorite webcomics! I usually do comic round-ups based around a theme, but screw the themes! Let’s talk about new stuff! As you might know, I love the app Hoopla for reading comics because with my library card info, I can read digitally up to 14 comics a month for free! But there are also a lot of free to read webcomics online that would love to have some follower support. I truly enjoy these comics, this is not a sponsored post, and just wanted to share them with you. So in no particular order, here is my very bias list of my favorite and latest webcomics I’m currently into. Share your favorites in the comments!


MALLORY BASH by David Perry
Current pages: 86 | Year started: 2016 | Status: Ongoing | Age range: YA and up

When Mallory discovers a cryptic poem written by her late mother, it sends her on a wild journey that takes her across Nightdrift County and deep into Brookwood Forest, where a mystic tree’s unbridled growth threatens her hometown! Mallory and friends battle it out with strange creatures, baffling plants, and even each other, as they make their way through the whispering depths of the forest to find the looming tree and uncover the truth about Mal’s parents.


MEMORY LIKE A… by Nicole Jarquin
Current pages: 25 | Year started: 2018 | Status: Ongoing | Age range: YA and up

Weekly comedy about a forgetful secretary. Cassandra, Cass to friends, tries to juggle work, hobbies, and…what else….oh yea! Her life! Very fun, relatable, and easy to read comic. Wish it updated every day! Currently just Mondays. 


SIDE QUEST by dragontrap
Current pages: 69 | Year started: 2017 | Status: Ongoing | Age range: YA and up

What if you found out you were nothing more than just a character in a story? What would you do if you were plucked from said story, only to find your way back is missing, and you’ve been tasked to find it? Lots of interesting creatures, great story depth, fun panel details, and a grand adventure!


There are a lot of great ways to help support any webcomic artist. Write a review, share a favorite (non spoiler) panel, follow them on social networks, support them on Patreon, or just read them. They would love to share their stories with you and spend so much more time than we realize to do so. So what do you think of these webcomics? And don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments so we can all enjoy!

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