Never Give Up “Never Surrender Documentary”

If you are a fan of ScreenJunkies, then you wont want to miss their latest project.

They have been working hard on a documentary, focusing on the Galaxy Quest movie, called: Never Surrender.

Galaxy Quest aired in theaters 20 years ago, and Fandom, ScreenJunkies, and Fathom Events are creating a one night screening of the documentary throughout the USA!

We recommend heading to Fathom Events site and picking up a ticket for $17 dollars, in a theater new you. By Grabthar’s Hammer… what a savings!

Included in the documentary are interviews with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Justin Long, Sam Rockwell, Rainn Wilson, Dean Parisot (the director), and Robert Gordon (the writer).

If you attend the showing, you’ll also see a special video introduction by the people from ScreenJunkies, and the first premiere of the Galaxy Quest Honest Trailer, to really get you into the Galaxy Quest mood!

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