Nerd Taste of LA: Seven Deadly Fairies

Are you looking for a good nerd gift? Want to add some more Harry Potter themed clothes to your closet? Need something for the Renaissance Faire coming around the corner? Then may we suggest the awesome and amazing Seven Deadly Fairies Store in Pasadena.

On top of having a lot of items for the nerd in need, the shop has so many amazing small items, from earrings to pins. So if you are looking for a gift this Christmas, you could find almost anything you’d need here. However, are you looking for that item that will stand out? That will make it very clear that you are the best friend or loved one ever? How about a hand made nerd freak flag top hat?

Owner, Stephen Boyd Morales is amazingly skilled as a hatter, and makes custom and breathtaking top hats, in so many traditional and nerd styles.

So if you are looking for some place to help fill out your Santa Gift Sack, can I recommend this amazing Pasadena shop located at 2725 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107. Trust us here at Nerd News Social, it is definitely worth the visit.


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